Open your eyes, look within.
I'm Kate, I live in the UK. I'm training to be a youth worker.
I love all things, animals, human beings, nature they are what make life interesting. I have Bipolar.
Photography, friends, nature, and life.

Instagram: masterkate11

  • Me looking at flowers: if I was a fairy I would totally use this as a dress


i’ll always love you ‘cause we grew up together and you helped make me who i am. i just wanted you to know there will be a piece of you in me always, and i’m grateful for that. whatever someone you become, and wherever you are in the world, i’m sending you love. you’re my friend to the end.

— her (2013)

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Same goes for pets.


Okay so this sounds hokey but please please please ALWAYS carry an automated centre punch in a pocket or your purse.

If you see someone locked in a car, or a dog, cat, etc. Do anything you can think of to get them out.

If ALL ELSE FAILS. Take the center punch. Put it in a bottom corner, bout 2 inches from bottom and side and push. It should fire and splinter the window. It shouldn’t shatter, which is why this is a bit better than a hammer. Pull the glass out slowly until you can get the door open. Retrieve person.

There’s a reason its illegal to leave your children unattended in a car in Arizona and why leaving them in the car unattended like that will get them taken from you.

In the Phoenix area (including Scottsdale and Tempe and shit) the 80* weather starts hits around March but really it can happen any time of “winter.” And don’t get me started on the triple digit summers. On average there’s 107 days a year there where the weather gets to be 100*f or higher.

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